It’s official! Team Genji is ready to take high level Hearthstone by storm!

Over the past year, our roster has quietly dominated the Hearthstone tournament scene. Under our former name, Team Gamer Sensei, we won Dreamhack Denver, Top 8’d Dreamhacks Sweden and Liepzeig, claimed Top 8 in the Hearthstone World Championships, and earned 2nd Place in WESG. Perhaps most importantly, by HCT points we were the best performing Hearthstone team of 2017. And we’re just getting started!
To build off our success, we’ve relaunched under the new Team Genji brand. Our goal for the newly renamed team is simple: to be the #1 Hearthstone team of 2018, just like last year!
Why did we rebrand? First, Team Genji is now a wholly independent company. We did this so Genji could focus entirely on being the best pro team possible. We also rebranded to create a unique, competitive brand for our Hearthstone gaming.

The name isn’t the only thing changing at Team Genji. We’ve announced three new Hearthstone rosters to maximize our dominance in the Year of the Raven. And we’re going to be featuring regular content and cool giveaways right here, on the Team Genji website. We’ll have more to announce soon, as we continue to grow our pro team activities!
Most importantly, now is the time to thank all of our fans for joining us on this amazing ride. From starting as an unknown team in mid-2017, to rising to become one of the leaders of competitive Hearthstone, we couldn’t have done it without all of you!
Thank you so much for supporting us! Here’s to an even more victorious 2018! #GoGenji