Pro Tips: Proper Hydration

Pro tips are quick ways to level up your game in unexpected ways. Drawing from sports physiology, nutrition, sport psychology, and sports philosophy each Pro Tip will help you improve in game and in real life. 

Tank up! or More Bio-Breaks 

Hearthstone is all about consistency in how we perform, act, and play. And to consistently perform at our highest levels we need to make sure that we are running optimally as people first. One of the core fundamentals we can practice is proper hydration.

Depending on what you eat from day to day this will change, but I will say as a benchmark you as an E-sport professional need to be drinking roughly one quart of water every hour. That intake should be spread out over an hour so. Roughly speaking about a half, a cup of water every time you queue into a match of Hearthstone.

Our sport doesn’t tax us as much as other physical sports, but we still lose water through various natural ways. With it being so easy to execute we have no excuses for not keeping ourselves at an optimal hydration level.

But Why?

Simple, your brain doesn’t work as well without proper hydration. If you brain doesn’t work well, you aren’t playing at your best level.  Being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance in tasks that require attention, psychomotor, and immediate memory skills, as well as assessment of the subjective state.[1]

That means skills like reaction time, relative mood states, short term memory, your ability to stay alert, executive function, motor skills, and visuoconstruction are all impaired when you dip in your water intake.[2] In short, the skills that make you great at this game suffer when you are even slightly dehydrated.

Into the wild blue yonder

Going forward I recommend that you fill up a water bottle and keep it at your station for sips in between plays. It’s a simple habit that will keep you cool, make sure you are hydrated, and most importantly increase those win percentages.

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