Hello, this is Kratos, continuing our techs of the week series! Let’s delve into the metagame and see what has changed in ladder (and tournament) decklists over the past few days:

1. Wild Pyromancer in Shudderwock Shaman:
Though this change was not implemented this week, numbers have recently gone up so I felt like I had to include this.
There’s basically two ways you can go with your Shudderwock deck. You either go Keleseth or Murmuring Elemental. The latter allows you to play 2-drops, and the card you need the most is Wild Pyromancer. This card shines versus Token Druid and Odd Paladin, and has uses against all sorts of aggressive strategies.
I’m still on the Keleseth train as the card makes your deck so much better when you play it. However, if you face a lot of aggro deck in your July climb, I suggest that you make the switch to Wild Pyro.

2. Void Ripper in Odd Paladin:

This is probably the most important addition to a deck this week (and for some time now).After being barely played for a while, Void Ripper finally finds a spot in the current meta. Honestly, I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of this. The card can do so many things: It gives you an out to Spreading Plague, kills Doomsayer and totems on the spot, makes Taunt Druid’s taunts easy to kill, and so on… basically, it’s almost never dead. You can even set up value trades with it – the list goes on and on. For now, most lists run 1 copy, but expect to see 2 copies of Void Ripper in the future. In fact, I’d suggest that you run 2 copies of it. It is already seeing plays in the Odd Rogue (Zalae’s new take on the deck) and the Zoo lists that have started to pop up. (my photoshop skills suck, I know)

3. Second copy of Dragonhatcher in Taunt Druid:
I’ve been running a second copy of Dragonhatcher for some time now in my Taunt Druid deck, which is the deck I’ve been playing and fiddling around with the most over the past month or two. It seems great to have an extra copy should you draw your first one before Oakheart, to create the best tempo swing possible with that broken card.
Recently (I think Kolento’s list was the one that got very popular and people started copying it), most Taunt Druid players have added the second copy of Dragonhatcher along with a second copy of Sleepy Dragon and Trogg Gloomeater to get maximum Brokeheart value.

4. Stubborn Gastropod in Even Warlock:
This is kind of old news by now (it’s been 1 week old or so – what a world we live in to call that old news, huh?), but the number of people running Stubborn Gastropod in Even Lock is rising. The card mostly serves as a 3rd (and 4th) Doomsayer to set up your Mountain giant or Twilight Drake, but it has other uses too. It shines in the mirror match, vs Taunt Druid, and is reasonable vs aggressive decks, especially in the later stages of the game.
Though most people still run Plated Beetle over it, I’d suggest you give it a try. Beetle is counter-intuitive to your plan of softening your life total to play 4 mana 7/7 taunt dudes, which is what you want basically in every match up.

That’s it from me this week, see you next time!
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