Twitch, the largest esports/casual video game streaming site

One factor promotes the growth of esports in a unique way that no other sports have taken advantage of so far. That factor is the accessibility of esports. As long as a person has an internet connection, viewing esports is possible. Esports viewing is free and will continue to be free for the foreseeable future. Esports revenue is entirely reliant on sponsorship deals and advertisements which means that there is actually an incentive to not charge for viewership of esports. The fewer barriers there are to watching the stream the more appealing it is for advertisers that funnel money into the esports teams. And it goes without saying that esports teams need money to contract their players and participate in tournaments.

Esports is a promising industry because it still has a large potential audience that it has not captured. Contemporary sports have saturated all potential audiences and have little room for any future boom in popularity. Esports is continuing to grow and as the generations who grew up with video games grow older, an emerging adult market of esports viewers will appear. The price tag of zero-combined with the steadily growing viewership numbers will encourage a new era of advertising tactics, fashion, and social relevance.

Many successful games nowadays are following this “freemium” model as well. The value of introducing a consumer to the product for free actually outweighs the loss of not having a price tag because the consumer will keep coming back. They will purchase digital content and in the case of esports, continue to watch ads. Esports is the first entertainment industry to rely wholly on this principle and to change it would be ruining the culture of inclusion that esports and video games foster.Twitch streaming is already integrated with contemporary consoles and PCs

The trend esports is following will lead to unprecedented exposure for esports and will set a new standard for sports entertainment.