Hello people!
The upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Boomsday Project! We will evaluate the cards that have been revealed so far and will continue to do so until the release of the set!

Let’s get right to it, divided by class:


  • Biology Project:My god what a card. We start the review with one of   the most broken cards in recent Hearthstone history. Every ramp spell printed for druid has  seen a ton of play, and this seems the best one so far. Heck, it might even be better than pre-nerf innervate. The fact that it actually nets you a mana, because it provides full mana crystals seems absurd. The druid class has a ton of ways to use the ramp better than the opponent. Turn 3 Oakheart seems like a common play, turn 3 Lich King, turn 4 Infestation…Lets hope the card was tested and I am wrong on this!
  • Dendrologist, Landscaping & Mulchmuncher:
    Blizzard revealed these cards all together (I think). This is a try to create a Treant druid archetype. Unfortunately, the case with Druid is, there are already established powerful archetypes in the class that get even stronger with the new expansion, so it will be really hard for a new archetype to emerge, at least for now. Hopefully in the future, with more support cards this deck will become a thing, though I highly doubt it.
  • Flobbidinous Floop:
    The moment this card was revealed, twitter exploded with pros saying it is broken for Malygos Druid, Togwaggle Druid, even Taunt druid! This is my opinion too, the card is really powerful and gives extra ways of combo-ing your opponent. One of the things it does is, give Malygos druid a way to kill the opponent with ease without needing Twig of the World Tree. That’s the most broken aspect I see to it and in general possibilities are endless with this! Should we prepare for our new overlord Druid(Again!) ?


  • Spider Bomb:
    This was one of the first cards released and the first one featuring the new Magnetic keyword. The comparison to this card is Deadly Shot, a card that sees play from time to time. This seems like a worse effect than it though, cause the opponent has control on when the deathrattle ability triggers. However, the magnetic ability gives it potential should we see some good neutral or Hunter mechs. I expect this to be a good card and see some play, as the whole Boomsday Project set will focus on mechs and magnetic it seems!


  • Stargazer Luna:
    This legendary card seems exciting to me. I am a big Secret Mage fan, it’s one of my favorite decks of all time! The card needs cheap spells to work so it fits right in. Do I think it will be tier 1? No, but the addition of another draw mechanic plus a way to cycle your (mediocre at best) cheap spells like Arcane Missiles, Glyphs and cinderstorms excites me and I will experiment with it a lot. Maybe a new, more spell heavy Tempo Mage deck will emerge out of this.


  • Annoy-o-Module:
    Following the steps of Annoy-o-Tron, the card features the same keywords (save Magnetic) and costs double the mana, having double the stats. Unfortunately, consting 4 mana instead of 2 is a big deal, so I don’t expect this to see play, unless a mech Paladin deck emerges and really needs an extra mech or magnetic effect.


  • Myra’s unstable element:
    A Hearthstone card that looks like a 10 year old designed! This is both an exciting effect and one that will produce a lot of meme videos. Definitely a build around card that can find a spot in combo Rogue decks, like Malygos Rogue or straight up Miracle Rogue. Also a card that might see play in the best Rogue archetype right now, Odd Rogue. The deck needs the draw as it often runs out of cards for a final push and this does exactly that, you will not care if you fatigue as long as your opponent is dead. I would compare this to Aluneth, you play it to close the game fast, overwhelming your opponent with a wave (or 2, or 3!) of threats.


  • Electra Stormsurge:
    A straight up, really powerful card. For 3 mana you get double the effect of any shaman spell, be it lightning storm, volcano, even lightning bolt and far cry. The potential is big with this one. I see it as a staple in the Shudderwock Shaman deck and in a lot of shaman deck in the following years.
  • Menacing Nimbus:
    2 mana for a 2/2 with upside has generally seen play in Hearthstone. Good examples that Zalae made are Dark Peddler and Raven Familiar. However, I do not think the card is that powerful, as it neither discovers or picks something from your deck. I would compare it to the Druid 2 mana 2/2 that gets you a random minion. Having said that, I expect it to see some play. Maybe we will get an Elemental Shaman deck after all this time.


  • Bellyrium nullifier: For 7 mana you get so few stats and I cannot overlook that. The effect is good and there’s a chance it sees play if a Warrior deck is desperate for mechs. Probably this will never see the light of day and will be a prime disenchant target in Hearthstone collections.
  • Supercollider
    An interesting effect but again, so few stats for the mana you pay. Even in a world with few good Warrior weapons this seems unplayable to me, even more than the previous card, and this says a lot!


  • Zilliax:
    A card with so many keywords is bound to see play right? All jokes aside, this seems like a solid card, both on its own or as an upgrade to an already played minion on board. Even if a mech-magnetic deck does not come out of this set I expect this to see some play, as it is neutral, does not cost a ton of mana and plays good defense. Plus it enables Corpsetaker on its own, so a lot of decks will have to consider the Zilliax-Corpsetaker package (famous Zalae words).
  • Whizbang the Wonderful:
    Probably the worst card of the set but also my first golden craft when it comes out! I like the design space they explore with this one, it brings me back to my casual days of Hearthstone. The deck recipes will greatly depend on whether this sees any competitive play, though I highly doubt it. Huge respects will be payed to the first person that brings an all Whizbang lineup to a tour!
  • Omega Defender:
    The first thing to look at cards that get upgraded in specific scenarios is the initial stats. And this one does not catch the eye. Until the late game this will be mediocre and even when it shows up as a 12/6 taunt, its health makes it kind of a liability. I do not like the card and do not expect it to see that much play.
  • Wargear & Upgradeable Framebot:
    I put these together because if they see play it will probably be in the same deck. Granted, Framebot has a bigger chance of seeing play, the 1/5 statline seems decent as a mech because it can be a prime target for magnetic. Wargear looks decent, if the magnetic-mech does not have better things to do with its mana then this could end up in there. It’s fine on its own and can be equipped to a minion on the board for immediate impact. I would compare this to Blessing of Kings as it can pack a punch in the opponent’s face, but also has the ability to be played on its own should you need the board presence of a 5/5.

These are the cards that have been revealed for now, what do you think of them? See you next week with more, exciting Boomsday projects Cards!