Greetings people! This is Kratos, coming to you with an article that will probably make me look stupid, but I’m writing it anyways!

These are my 6 bold predictions for some of the things that are going to happen in the following weeks as the Boomsday meta game unfolds. If you are looking for a piece of content on what cards to craft, don’t take this article seriously, as some of the claims I will make probably will be wrong!

Here we go:

1. Void Ripper will not see play anymore: The reason this card was playable was the low power level of the cards available. That changed with Boomsday. Expect to see less and less of it.

2. The Lich King will see less play: Same as Void Ripper, Lich King saw so much play because late game decks were desperate for a big minion with a upside. Not that the card is bad by any means, but it is not as good as the amount of play it saw.

3. Biology Project is crap: This is yet another example of an over hyped card that turned out bad. The moment it got released everyone put it in their decks, just to realize that you cannot play it vs other Druids and vs Aggro you might just end up dead. Oh well.

4. Floop and his Gloop are as good as advertised: Also the moment people played floop and his gloop they realized that they are in fact busted and they do exactly what they were advertised to. Expect to see a lot of them the following months.

5. Giggling Inventor is the new Sludge Belcher: I have missed both the days of Sludge Belcher and annoy’otron, so I would like to officialy welcome them back to Standard! What an amazing card.

6. Zoo will be the best aggressive deck: There was a zoo outrage thanks to RDU on day 1 of the expansion, ladder was full of it, at some point I faced 11 of them in a row (true story). This is a common thing is the first days of a new set, there’s always one deck that is more consistent than the rest and people play it like crazy for a few days. However, this one feels like the real deal. Zoo was good last expansion and with the new cards it got feels like a tier 1 deck.