This article series was created to provide a better insight into Team Genji and our personalities and pros. Team Genji believes that getting to know the pros is one of the most important aspect of enjoying esports.

Today’s article features Kratos, a member of Team Genji’s Academy Team.

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  • What first got you into gaming?

I belong to a generation that played outside to have fun, as video games were not that common when I was younger. My love for card games began as a kid, however: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, The World of Warcraft TCG and later on Magic: The Gathering stole my heart. I played Magic religiously for a good decade and then made the switch to Hearthstone, as it’s easier to play from the comfort of my room. I’ve been doing that ever since.

  • Tell us some more about when you got started in Hearthstone and what you’ve accomplished since?

I started playing Hearthstone in closed beta and have had a love/hate relationship with the game since. I dislike arena, enjoy ladder and crave tournaments as they fulfill my competitive personality. I’ve won a lot of online cups, lan events and generally perform well in tournaments. I’ve also finished multiple times Top 200 Legend, and Top 100 in Wild once

  • You are from Athens, Greece, how is the Hearthstone scene like in Greece?

We have a lot of great names that I do not wish to mention as I am sure I will forget some! In the past years we only had good ladder grinders but now lots of pros are breaking through to the tournament scene and it is an honor to watch them!

  • If you could change one thing about Hearthstone, what would it be and why?

I very much like the point Hearthstone is at right now. I think it might be the healthiest it’s ever been. A thing that has always frustrated me about Hearthstone, particularly Competitive Hearthstone, is how most casual players look at the competitive scene. Because they don’t understand many aspects of the game it seems to them it all comes down to luck. I feel this takes away from the effort the professional players put into the game I love. So I would want to make people understand more about what goes on behind the scenes so people can fully respect the work the pros do.

  • I believe a Deck says a lot about about a person. What is your favorite and why?

Face Hunter from season one. Don’t hate me please!

  • You mentioned you currently study Agriculture, what part of this study most interests you?

Plant Medicine is my aspect of choice, or Plant Pathology as its scientifically called.

  • What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t playing Hearthstone?

My favorite thing to do besides playing Hearthstone is watching and reading about Hearthstone content. When I play a game I live and breathe it.

  • What is the craziest thing that has happened to you?

A few years ago, I fell from a roof and drove myself to the hospital where they put a cast on my leg, only to find out nothing was wrong with it. I removed the cast myself 2 days later.

  • Is there anything else you would want the readers to know about you?

Just some shameless self promotion, you can find me on and Twitter(@Kratos1314_HS).

I also do coaching for Gamer Sensei

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