Welcome to another Break the Meta! This time I will analyse Shudderwock Shaman. Today I have a unique version of Shudderwock Shaman to show you. The list which contains some interesting tech choices which target the match ups versus Druids and Hunters. In my point of view we are talking about a  decklist that is really reliable in both tournament lineups and for the ladder too. Shudderwock Shaman might not be considered as a meta breaker deck but I think the most of you agree, that the deck has not been as popular as it used to be. The rise of Druid decks, Quest Rogue and now Resurrect Priest or Deathrattle Hunter have placed Shudderwock Shaman on the tier 3-4 of the meta so this list is a chance for the Shudderwock Shaman fans to strike back.

Deck Strategy

I would like to make it clear that this list is not heavily focused on the Mega Shudderwock Combo. We are talking about a control Shaman deck, where ‘’Hagatha the Witch’’ has huge impact as always and the obvious win condition is the ‘’Shudderwock Combo’’. However this deck is teched with many anti-aggro tools which aim to help you survive against aggressive style decks or even outvalue them after a certain point in the game. In the original Shudderwock Shaman version, we used to spend a lot of time doing nothing, just setting up the combo and drawing certain cards which were really weak versus many match ups. This deck has been teched to increase the chance that you will be able to survive until the late game, where you can change the whole game playing Hagatha the Witch or Shudderwock. In short we try to slowly build towards the Shudderwock combo, then switch later in the game to get the combo ready when we get the chance for us to close out the game. We have all noticed that the classic Shudderwock Shaman lists have  cards like Prince Keleseth, Double Lifedrinkers, Double Acolyte of Pain and a copy of Sandbinder. These lists emphasize on drawing the combo as soon as possible and investing more on Shudderwock Mega Combo, using two Lifedrinkers and Prince Keleseth. I can’t say these cards are terrible because they are not, but they don’t give as good of a chance against aggro, Druids or against Hunters. I know the original decklists have good matchups versus heavy control decks, but I think you have this advantage anyway, so there is space to emphasize a little bit on match ups you have hard time with.

Improving the matchups versus Druids and Hunters

I would be crazy if I tried to tell you that playing this Shudderwock Shaman you could effectively counter aggro decks like Zoolock or Odd Rogue. I would be mad if I told you that Quest Rogue doesn’t have as big advantage anymore. So let’s make it clear that versus Zoolock who plays Prince Keleseth on turn two and on turn 3 has played all his cards, most likely will you lose. However I admit that the match ups versus Druids and Deathrattle Hunters have been improved a lot and the matchup versus Odd Rogue is no longer 70% win rate for Odd Rogue. You can still beat Control/Even Warlocks and you can still destroy Odd Warriors.

  As I mentioned above, the deck does not contain cards which improve the drawing or cards which enhance Shudderwock Combo. Personally I find one Acolyte of Pain, Double Mana Tide Totems and Double Farsights, more than enough for the necessary card draw. I feel that Double LifeDrinker’’ does not have a big impact in comparison to Single Life Drinker .Although there is one. A card I find very underrated which improves a lot the matchups such as against  Druids and Hunters and this card is Unstable Evolution. Unstable Evolution and Wild Pyromancer are the reasons I play this deck again. Play it on Saronite in order to make a sticky board that druids can’t remove. Play it after Grumble, Worldshaker on cheap 1 mana minions or on ‘’Grumble Worldshaker himself’. You could play it after Mind Control Tech steals a minion from your opponent to create a better minion afterwards. You can lay it after Electra Stormsurge is used with a spell,or even play it on a useless totem which has zero value on a dead turn against a  heavy control deck. Wild Pyromancer remove the whole board on the early game, either using cheap spells like Earth Shock and Unstable Evolution, or use it with Lightning Storm. Shaman does not use many expensive spells. Spells like Hex, Far Sight or Healing Rain sometimes are more than enough for a decent Wild Pyromancer combo turn.

The whole game plan is focused on removing all enemy threats, until you play Hagatha and begin to control the Game or  until you play theShudderwock combo, even if you don’t have all pieces played if the situation forces you to. So a Sequence of Wild Pyromancer > Electra Stormsurge, Lightning Storm > Volcano> Hagatha the Witch with Mind Control Techs and Saronite Chain Gangs is by far more reliable, than Prince Keleseth > Gluttonous Ooze > Giggling Inventor  since everyone plays around it. Do you want to play around Hunter’s eggs, Carnivorous Cubes and Zombeasts? Double Earth Shock and Double Hex are often more than enough.

Tech cards you should forget.

I know there is big discussion around this Shudderwock Deck. I am aware there are people who will ask me why don’t you play Giggling Inventor? Why don’t you play Mossy Horror?  Ocelote where is your Gluttonous Ooze? I know there are people who try to prove me how much the win rate of the deck increases when you play ‘’Prince Keleseth’’ on turn 2 or they will try to remind me that Unstable Evolution is an RNG card. As I mentioned on the deck strategy section, with this decklist we try to improve matchups that we normally have hard time against. There are many decent cards like ‘’Tar Creeper’’, ‘’Doomsayer’’ or Giggling Inventor’’, however people play around them and in general they perform well in theory than in reality. For Example: Doomsayer is horrible versus Deathrattle Hunter, Tar creeper is weaker than Mind Control Tech versus Druids or Hunters and as I mentioned everyone plays around Giggling Inventor.

Another Tech choice that I don’t like is Skulking Geist which has almost zero impact in the current meta and it doesn’t improve your matchups versus Druids or Hunters. It is my opinion as I explained earlier that Prince Keleseth isn’t the way to go at this point. Mossy Horror is useless versus Aggro and we are not afraid of Giggling Inventors or Spreading Plagues since those cards aren’t very strong against our deck.It is awful versus Deathrattle Hunter. Gluttonous Ooze counters Skull of the Man’ari which you will maybe face in 1 out of 30 games. It is good versus Aluneth, so if you play constantly versus tempo Mage you can use it over Wild Pyromancer. One matchup I would consider playing it for is when Odd Rogue becomes a lot more common though that matchup is quite bad regardless of the inclusion of Gluttonous Ooze. One matchup  it’s good for is versus Twig of the World Tree, but this is not the reason you lose from Malygos Druid. In general, I believe that Wild Pyromancer helps more than Gluttonous Ooze.


I always used to believe that, Shudderwock Shaman is an improved version of Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End’’ effect, however many people who believe the same do the mistake to play the wrong greedy version of Shudderwock Shaman. In my opinion the right version is the control version without any unnecessary greedy tools. Shudderwock’s combo is strong enough to beat any deck, so the most important in my opinion is to survive in order to play it. In fact the deck has good and bad matchups like every deck, but this decklist looks all around good enough in order to give you chance versus everything.