Hello people. This is Kratos from Team Genji, coming at you with this week’s latest techs so that you can keep your decklists up to date with the meta! The past weeks have been pretty stale overall, no new decks have come to light, but already established archetypes are still being fine tuned. I feel we are close to the perfect version of each deck, as they’ve been out long enough.

  1. Mind Control Tech in every deck: Mind control has always seen play from the dawn of Hearthstone. This expansion is different however. Decks tend to go wider to beat giggling inventor, so Mind control Tech comes in to punish them. Deathrattle hunter, Malygos Druid, Odd Warrior are all decks that religiously play MC Tech. Watch out for next year’s Hall of fame inductees as I feel it is time for this card to say goodbye, it has been here long enough and it’s getting kind of annoying.


  1. Lab Recruiter in Quest Rogue: This is one of my favorite techs. I feel it is an upgrade to any other card in that spot. It makes you go infinite in one more way against control and is a better body to take tempo early on against aggressive decks.

For example, look at this screenshot from the only Quest Rogue game I’ve played this season:

Infinite everything! Giggling inventors, chargers, cards in the deck, lifegain and even infinite freeze effects with Glacial Shard. Yeah… Why is this deck allowed to exist again?

  1. Bonemare in Even Warlock:  Bonemare is back in the meta! This is one of my favorite cards overall. Pre-nerf it was too strong, as it was terrorizing all other 7-Mana spots in every deck. But right now I feel the power level is on point. It has earned a spot in Even Warlock, allowing you another turn 8 power play along with Lich King (double 4 mana 7/7 taunts don’t count, please don’t have them if I play against you, that’s sick). All in all one of my favorite additions to the deck.


  1. Giggling inventor in Shudderwock Shaman: This is still kind of unpopular but I feel that players will eventually catch up with the tech. Sintolol submitted a Shudder shaman with them in it for the Fall Championships and I’ve also seen people on twitter get decent results with similar lists. All featuring 2x Giggling inventor in them. I’ve also tried the deck and it feels really strong. So if you’re playing this deck, give them a try


That’s it for this week. What do you think of the current state of Hearthstone? Should there have been a nerf in either standard or wild? Thanks, and may RNGesus always bless you!