If you are new to the game and you’re looking for a budget deck to play until you build your collection, then this article is for you! Take a look at these budget-friendly options, with no Rares and minimal Uncommons only!

Order Casual Starter +

Mostly Commons with only a couple of Uncommons in the mix and absolutely no Rares.

Deck code:

Chaos Casual Starter +

Do not let the name “Chaos” scare you, this deck is quite friendly to new players, with no Rares at all!


Death Casual Starter+

This deck is deadly!

Deck Code: _wEDDEEExANxlwv4AbwtC68BjqHirAFhhs6QAlO2TI4Bc5OK7wO16vXcAa2tbD0DgLlHPwIQVFlAAj3XEGMD38VzawM3I9B5A4g9W3oCrgEyHAEnJM8hAyFmPjk=

Destruction Starter+

Deck Code:

Hope these decks will help you if you’re new to the game. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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