Today we’re gonna present to you the best decks for each Tier in your favorite TCG, World Of Myths with a few tips on how to play them!

Keep in mind that decks within a Tier are not sorted in any particular order and that the disparity between Tiers isn’t as large as the numbers might suggest. A large portion of the “lower Tier” decks are there simply because of their position in the metagame eg. a “Voltron” deck will always be badly positioned when decks with Control elements (Resets, Removal etc.) are popular. Deck Lists are only for example purposes and do not represent a fully optimized build. These are community builds and do not come from the devs, and also do not represent our suggestion on how a T1 deck should look like or be build.

Tier 1 Decks

Zeus Combo/Control

Half the deck is Curses (Spells) with mostly cheap 3 Faith Priests to build up. Use the Leader as an attacker often to punch the exhausted enemy board. Zeus’ Wrath is a key Mythical card used as a finisher. Try to destroy 2 Temples with your units and the last one with Zeus’ Wrath (on a good draw you could even hit the Wrath 2 times).

Freya Midrange

This deck can have different variants. This one focuses on 2 Power Dwarfs and Vikings and buffs to bring them up to the much needed 4 Power. Late game is also good, using expensive units with natural Power of 4 like Magma Crusher and Valkyrie Commander.

Amaterasu Midrange

This deck is also very versatile and Amaterasu allows for consistent value if built and executed properly. You can go wide and spread the Power for a mid-game push or try to build “Voltron” units to carry the game. Some builds would also include spells to add more flexibility for the price of consistency. Here is one popular example:

Poseidon Tempo

Half the deck is cheap 3 Cost unit supported by spells to allow them to bypass the defenders and punch the Temples. This version lacks the “fat” bodies and tris to win by constantly pressuring the opponent.

Tier 2 Decks

Thor Aggro

Start attacking immediately and never stop! You need the card draw so hit the left and right temples with priority. Raging Berserker is a must-have and Nack is a very nice combo finisher.

Hachiman Midrange

The true “Samurai” deck. Few other Leaders can stop your first attacks. Try to hit get maximum value early game and build for a good mid-game. Your units with “Challenge” are the obvious key to victory, while Star Pupil is the hidden “star” if you have it. The Daimyo’s Call is a cheap tech that improves the deck a lot.

Athena Control

This one is all about surprise. When you face control decks, you will often pass with full Faith and play your units on defense. The deck is not easy to pilot because if your opponent skips their attack, you lose your defense phase and the Faith that was floating will be lost. In a control heavy meta this one will shine!

Tier 3 Decks

Tsukuyomi Control

Remove the opponent’s endurance to extreme amounts. Your units have low Power but Tsukuyomi helps keeping the enemy board under control, so you can hit the temples with little resistance. Focus on 4-5 Traits and add around 5-6 units from each Trait. Fill the rest with spells and 1-2 value units. Here is one optimized version with Ninjas and Spirits, support by Priests and some big Monsters.