Hello Guys, I’m a new player and streamer of this fantastic game, It’s been something like 3 months that I’ve played Champions and now I want to share with you some tricks to grow quickly. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

No.1 Daily Mission (and how to reroll them)

Every day you’ll get a new mission. If you complete it you’ll get gold or Gems, sometimes both! The lower revenue is 600 gold and the best is 20 gems. You can store up to at last 3 missions but don’t worry if you end one the 4th day you’ll get your 4th mission and you can reroll 1 every day.

The best strategy is: always keep at least one 600gold Mission so you can reroll it for better revenue and NEVER reroll Gem missions as they are really rare to get.

No.2 Scan Cards

One of the best methods to get FREE CARDS, PACKS, GEMS and SOULS  is to scan cards, you can find the on  Facebook groups, Reddit MEGA TREAD pages where you can find thousands of cards to scan, and the official Discord. You don’t have a webcam? Just use your smartphone and app.

➡️ https://www.facebook.com/groups/345339109334289/
➡️ https://discord.gg/nuEsyg

 No.3 FREE Cards with APP

Yes! Each day you can get a free card when playing from your smartphone and more importantly you can get a RARE every 5th card obtained this way. Just a suggestion, don’t wait to claim it, if you wait a day for a better rare you’ll lose the progress for the next rare, so just claim it and wait for next card.

No.4 ONE FREE reroll every day

Just like free cards, you’ll get a free reroll for ONE loot type every day if you play from your smartphone.

Now there is one of the MOST important Tricks of the game:

In this game, you can’t make the cards very easily. So if you don’t want to spend too much money, open the pack only if you can reroll, so you will find the cards you need more easily

AND don’t forget each pack contain 2 or more uncommon cards or better so if you don’t see a RARE you can reroll; generally, in 2 packs you’ll see a rare.


GOLD: use it for packs. Personally, I prefer 1000 gold packs because every 5 packs you get a COMMON FREE minipack.  So, with 5000 gold you’ll get 5 packs and 1 free minipack

If you spend your gold for faction packs you’ll spend 1500 for only one pack so you need 7500 gold for 5 packs.

SOULS: In this game, it is really difficult to get souls. The way to obtain them is to open packs, loot crates or dust your owned cards. You will only obtain souls from booster packs once you already own 3 copies of a digital card. The 4th card will generate you souls.

Souls are used to craft cards. There is a little tab with cost and revenue of each rarity of cards

-2500 +150
-750 +150
-500 +100
-375 +40
-200 +25
150 15
100 10

As you can see you get just 20% if you recycle a card, from the beginning I’ve got something like 3500 souls, for this reason the only advice I can give you is to have a clear idea before starting to craft, and look for the most important staple cards in your deck.

For example, I’ve decided to make a Gordrakk deck and contrary to name, the most important card isn’t Gordrakk, but the blessing that gives you the opportunity to draw cards. In-fact now I have a really good deck without Gordrakk but with all good blessings.

GEMS: It is not easy to say how to spend gems. Personally for me one of the best things to buy is the WARBAND bundle for 3 reasons:

  1. You’ll get at least 2 EXCLUSIVE cards and as you can see in the above table, they are the most expensive cards in the game to craft.
  2. You’ll get 8 cards and 3 packs that is a good exchange for 500 Gems
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, generally when a warband is released, they release a couple of mission too, that must be completed with warband’s cards. For this reason it’s important to buy a warband when it’s released so you’ll get a lot of loot from missions to.

This is a great game, completely different from other Card Games. For a new gamer, it isn’t really easy to get cards and make a good collection BUT if you follow these tricks you’ll grow very fast. You only need a smartphone and some patience.
Look at me, in only 3 months I get a really good deck and now I’m climbing Ranked.