So here we are after the game-testing session, we managed to discover some info about the cards that every Norse deck must have. 

– P.S Suggested God in this article is Freya. (Read God Tier list )

— PS.2 If you are a new player you need to get accustomed to the reputation system. In the game, there are 3 Factions so far. Greek, Norse, and Japanese. You get 1 default God for every faction and whenever you play with him/her you gain reputation (exp). After you reach level 4 with your default God you have the chance to unlock 1 God of your choice from the faction you ‘ve played. —

Let’s get started.

For starters, we have our 3-drops. You start with 3 mana so this is our entrance.

4-drops coming right after

5-Drops                                                     6-Drop

Here are the full decklists if you wanna follow it. Left decklist goes well with the tournaments so far and it can get you really high to rankings. The right decklist is a budget Norse deck you can craft and start grinding ranks.

Credits to: JLukeSkywalker (left) and Gatormatthew (right)

The rest of the cards or any changes should be adjusted based on your gameplay and strategy. Will you follow the top ranks? Will you invent something new? Will you get out of your comfort zone and try new things? It’s up to you. Good luck out there and keep yourself updated.

This card review was provided by Team Genji’s Noahh and WoM player Gatormatthew.