With the imminent release of Throne of Eldraine, the question on everybody’s mind is – “What snacks can I use for Food Tokens at my PreRelease?” 

Well, fear not, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s my 100% guide to the best and worst snack foods for your Throne of Eldraine PreRelease!

M&Ms/Skittles – I’m lumping these together because, let’s face it, Skittles are just fruity M&Ms anyway. While these are very conveniently sized, and the candy coating makes them pretty clean, the round shape makes it hard to distinguish between tapped and untapped food. With a huge selection of choices, these are good for those 5 color decks. 8/10

Fun size candy bars – Although somewhat bulkier than M&Ms, these are an excellent choice. They are generally oblong in shape, which is good for denoting tapped/untapped. But I suggest keeping the wrapper on until it’s time to sac your candy food tokens for value. 9/10

Celery sticks – Healthy, tasty, and crunchy! Low mess. An all around fantastic Food Token. (but skip the cream cheese or peanut butter) 10/10

Pretzel sticks – Dry and easy to handle, these are a solid choice. However, they can be very crumbly. Remember, they’re salty, so you’re going to want to have a refreshing beverage on hand. 9/10

Twizzers – I’m not partial to licorice, even red licorice, but I hear it’s popular with the kids these days. These are handy, but long, so they take up an excessive amount of board space. You could cut them down a bit. Also, they’re lacking the hard shell of the M&M, so you’re more likely to get sticky fingers. 7/10

Bite size Pop-Tarts – These are a newer addition to the snack food world, only having been released in 2018. They’re a great size, and nicely shaped for Magic play. There’s a variety of flavor options, but they are crumbly and can leave a little greasy residue. 7/10

Rice Krispies Treats – Inexpensive, as they can be made at home, and conveniently sized. But these are super sticky, and crumbly to boot. If you’re going with this option, be sure to bring some handy wipes to clean your fingers! 4/10

Doritos/chips – There’s a world of variety in the chip world for your munching pleasure. USE CAUTION if going the chip route. They can be very greasy, and leave lots of crumbs. Use a napkin or paper towel over your play surface to prevent messes. 4/10

Bread rolls – These are a little hit or miss. Some of them are fine, somewhat crumbly but mostly dry to the touch. Others are very oily and unsuitable for Magic play. 6/10 or 2/10 

Pizza Rolls – While these are the perfect size and shape, they are very oily. Moreover, they’re seriously going to get cold over the course of a PreRelease, and who wants a cold Pizza Roll? 1/10

French fries – Too long, too oily, and they’re going to get limp and cold. 0/10

Buffalo wings – Seriously? No. Just, no. 0/10 

Thanks for popping by my little blog. Good luck with your PreRelease this upcoming weekend!

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