Long time no see people! This is Kratos from Team Genji’s academy roster, coming to you with the first tech of the week piece after Boomsday 

The metagame has started to settle down the past weeks, we’ve seen what the best decks are and people are already teching for them! Let’s see what the most important (in my humble opinion, always) pieces of tech are in the Boomsday meta up to now:

Blood Knight:

This has already made its way in a lot of decklists. Since the arrival of the new expansion, one card has seen an abrupt amount of play: Giggling Inventor. Those annoying divine shield taunt guys are everywhere, either buying combo and control decks time or protecting boards for aggro decks.
Blood Knight came as a natural answer, as the body is already decent on its own in decks like Odd Rogue and Odd Paladin, with an upside of a massive 9/9 upgrade should your opponent play Giggling Inventor. Even decks like Zoo and Spiteful Druid have included the card on occasions. I don’t expect the card going away unless we see a nerf to Giggling, so I suggest you bite the bullet and craft these ones.

Azalina Soulthief in Odd Warrior:

A returning archetype in the Bomsday expansion, Odd Warrior seems like it’s here to stay and terrorize aggro decks. This deck in my mind is a lot similar to Quest Rogue in the way it shapes the metagame. Both decks have very, very polarized matchups. What’s different with Odd Warrior though is that because the game goes long (very, very long) you have the ability to win even versus bad matchups by outplaying them and hoping they have a bad sequence of events. Plus, you have a lot of tech options. Azalina is my favorite of them, as it makes almost unwinnable matchups like Togwaggle Druid and Quest Rogue a lot better.
Versus Togwaggle Druid you are the favorite if Azalina is used correctly, and versus Quest Rogue you can copy their hand of 4/4s and pressure them back, utilizing at the same time your drawn Warrior removal. You are still unfavored vs Rogue even with Azalina if the opponent pilots the matchup correctly but you have a fighter’s chance at least.

Subject 9 in Midrange Hunter:

The Subject 9 Secret (or Midrange as I like to call it) Hunter Deck came along in the first days of the expansion, only to fall off afterwards. After some weeks, mainly BoarControl but a few other pros as well have championed the deck to good results. It even had decent showing in the European Playoffs. What this deck does in my mind is, keeps the aggressive and powerful core of Midrange Hunter and adds a draw engine that fills your hand with cards you can utilize to pull of further ahead vs control or stabilize vs aggro. With Spellstone versus aggro, Deathstalker Rexxar vs control and lots of tools in between, this deck is a solid choice for laddering right now.

Mossy Horror in Zoo:

Mossy Horror has been around as a tech card for quite some time. It beats up greatly on Druid by killing those pesky scarabs from Spreading Plague and now kills Giggling Inventor along with the hellspawns it brings. We’ve seen Mossy Horror in a lot of archetypes, like Miracle Rogue, Deathrattle Hunter, Even Warlock and now in Zoo. Though I strongly believe Zoo is an archetype that benefits from as few tech cards as possible, this is one I like. I don’t like Blood Knight, Void Ripper or Giggling Inventor in Zoo, so you have to find an alternative to fight opposing Giggles and clear off Spreading Plague. A lot of pros have reached top legend spots with Mossy Horror in their Zoo list, myself included. I’d suggest you give it a try!

I think that covers the first weeks of the Bomsday meta. Though it is pretty stable and fair overall, it has also been quite stale with a lot of resemblance to the previous metagame. Hopefully changes are on their way after the Asian and American Playoffs!

Thank you for your time, see you next week!