Greetings players. Today we try on the new CCG World of Myths. Here is my review in-depth about the game. If you are interested in a new CCG that outscales luck and promotes strategy then this is your game.

My first impression as a gamer and as a person is that it has a lot of potential as a CCG Strategy. When I entered the game I came across the tutorial. I was satisfied enough with the tutorial that was given to me although I understood the full mechanics by playing a little more by myself (as it happens to all games). World of Myths has things to show. Inside the game, it presents a new battle system “the temple system”.

 In my opinion, it’s a really good idea that gives the player many questions/choices/strategies/opportunities about his/her gameplay. Each player has 3 temples that he has to protect in order not to lose the game. If an enemy hits your temple they gain perks such as +1 endurance(Health in the battlefield) and draw or +2 power(Attack) and draw etc. The main tower lets your opponent destroy a minion on his side of the field making him more vulnerable and bringing him to make a tough choice. Defend or let his minions die? Sometimes death could be a strategy, as there are minions that their effect is taking place after their death. 

The great dilemma I came across was what type of strategy to follow.

  • Do I go for a secure quick win by playing aggro? (Low-cost minions and most possible attacks format)
  • Do I go for a Draw based deck that controls the board and plays accordingly? (hitting side temples and always have an answer for his minions)
  • Or do I make a combo deck that does both but has drawbacks if you don’t get the cards you want? (a deck where minions buff others and making them stay in the game as true beasts).

What my opponent will play? It is getting more interesting with the next mechanic as a combination. In every turn, you get to make a choice of Defending or not Defending. Minions have “endurance” which is the time they can stay on the battlefield. Attacking or defending cost endurance which makes the strategy a lot more interesting. Do I block his attack or do I wait to make my one shot risking he won’t block? A lot of questions need to be answered here by combining these two mechanics. 

I think WoM is one of the rarest kinds of CCG’s which really depends on skill, ahead-thinking (Chess Tactic) and of course strategy. Luck is essential in every game but here we have a different type of gameplay that makes sure the player has a good game knowledge and of course strategic possibilities. 

The game has enough spells that are categorized by Blessings and Curses which belong to the Spells category that can turn the tables at any moment either by clearing the field or by reducing endurance in order for a minion to die or by enhancing your own minions in order to win the fight.

Another unique mechanic is that you can turn your own GOD into a minion and Defend or Attack. The perk of this is that you can do a successful attack or a mighty defense BUT if your God gets attacked on the battlefield and dies then you lose. This makes the game even more difficult by adding even more options to add to your strategy. 

These are only some of my thoughts on the game so far. It has strategic potential that makes every player or viewer want to see professional players invent new strategies and make comebacks and some superb plays in it. It is a game that has the potential to bring into the stage what we call “Magic” these days. 

  • Noahh